Zenpop Review

Zenpop Review


This is an extension of my review on @studyrella, Instagram.

I’m always itching to buy stationery, but sometimes I can’t decide what to buy, and end up leaving the store empty handed, or full of pens, washis and stickers (those days, my wallet weeps). Don’t you wish you had someone who could help you buy stationery and surprise you? So you won’t have to leave the comforts of your home to get to the store (that might be far, far away) just to be so jumbled up that you end up buying less than expected. For all you indecisive people out there, I got you covered! Because Zenpop sent me their travel themed stationery box, and I realised how easy it was to just receive mail and discover a bundle of items that are not only unique, but functional too!

Zenpop gets the items from Japan, which is no doubt the land of stationery. What better way to get stationery than to get it direct from the source? There are themed boxes every month, and I received the Travel Pack. Inside the box, there’s a leaflet with a brief description of each item, so you won’t feel lost when someone asks you what you’re using. Very handy for someone like me! There were twelve items in my pack, and each item was something new for me, a feat that it shocking when you have a box full of stationery, oops. Each pack is $29.50 USD, with free shipping.

How long did it take to receive it?

From Osaka, Japan to the sunny island of Singapore, it took only one week. I was surprised when I opened my letter box to see it! Despite giving me a notice that it could take 2-4 weeks, it only took one. This really depends on where you live, of course, due to the postal delays of each country. However, the shipping was extraordinarily fast for me, which definitely wasn’t an issue. The faster it comes, the better!


They send it over in a purple box, that is both sturdy and beautiful. Everything inside is intact because of that, so all the items reach you undamaged and perfect. However, I did realise that one of the items, the mini Kumamon clear folder,  was a little bent due to the box’s smaller size. Despite that, it’s still usable, and I’m pretty satisfied with the way the items were shipped over.

What’s in the box?

Usually, there are 12 items following the theme surrounding the box. Since this was the travel themed pack, every thing inside was either related to Japan, or travelling. Perfect for me, since I recently started a travel journal.

  • Kumamon Clear Folder

In Japan, Kumamon is a pretty popular character. It’s a cute black bear, and the description was helpful for me to know more about it because I didn’t know its name initially! The leaflet even gives you the number of designs they have, and I got the blue design instead of the pink one.

  • Stickers

According to the description, these were made of “washi and traditional Japanese paper”, and they are gorgeous! I received the Kyoto heritage theme with temples, shrines, and sakuras, and it’s definitely different from my other stickers.

  • Post Card

These post cards were places in Japan, and I received the flower one, which is so beautiful, I might not even use them, but pin them on my wall instead! Future trip to Japan, maybe?

  • Wagashi Washi Tape

Wagashi is traditional Japanese confectionery, according to the description (really a lifesaver, this leaflet!) It reminds me of some Japanese treats I love, such as those crystal sweets I love to buy from Muji. Definitely a unique washi tape to collect.

  • Travel Journal Notebook

This is one of my faves from the box. It’s written all in Japanese, but the description is so helpful, it translates the page for you. Basically, it’s for you to record your travel plans when you go touring. The best part is the gridded page, for drawings, tickets, detailed itinerary and mementos. Each trip is only two pages long, which is good if you’re too tired from each trip to record your memories down.

  • Olno Tombow Mechanical Pencil

I’ve yet to see one of these from Singapore, so this is one of the “rare” ones in the pack. I received the pink one, which is my favourite colour, but there are four designs. The pencil is quite different from others, because you can bend the pencil to shake out the lead. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Cartography Sticky Notes

Next time I visit Japan, I’ll use a sheet to part the location I’m at. This sticky note shows the entire map of Japan, and it’s almost like a souvenir! Or I’ll be using it for  my to-do lists, if I can bear to use a sheet of it!

  • Mini Ham Memo

Another favourite of the pack, it’s ham memo pads. Each sheet is a ham. If that doesn’t look cool to you, I don’t know what is. There are even stickers of lettuce and eggs, like you could make a ham sandwich! No pigs were also harmed in the making of this, I can guarantee you that.

  • Coupy

Coupy is “a colour pencil of only a lead which line can be erased”, as seen from the description. It feels like a crayon, looks like a crayon, but you can apparently erase it when you make mistakes. I’ve never seen anything like it, so if you get a pack, you never know – you might get something unique!

  • Muji Smooth Pen
  • Muji Vivid Highlighter

There’s a Muji in Singapore (and Southeast Asia’s flagship store is also located here), so I’m no stranger to Muji. However, the pen and highlighter are new to me, because I’ve never bought them. If you don’t have a Muji near you, you might want to get a pack, because they sometimes give Muji products!

  • Rilakkuma Scented Marker

Rilakkuma is especially cute, so imagine my happiness seeing one in the pack. I received the blue one, which is blueberry scented. Mmmm, yummy! Just don’t eat it, of course.

Should I get it?

If you like stationery like me, and can’t decide on what to get, or just love Japan in general, it’s a great pack for you! However, if you’re picky on what you want to spend your money on, and need to see the items you buy before purchasing them, then maybe this isn’t for you. Otherwise, it’s a lovely pack, and I recommend you get one to try it out! Zenpop now offers a three or six month subscription, and you can save more as well. They also post previews and sneak peeks on their instagram page, so check that out if you’re worried that you don’t like the items inside. Chances are, you’ll love them anyway!





2 thoughts on “Zenpop Review

  1. Hello, I was wondering, the Zeno Box is actually worth the money? I know that the products are tipically high quality but sometimes I’m afraid that they are not worth the cost or that, eventually, I would end up using only half of the them :/ Please, let me know your opinion on it 🙂


    1. Hello! It depends on whether you are into the theme of the box. Currently, they have a back to school box with items like a pack of mildliners. I get about how you think you might not use it all, so you should see whether you are interested in the theme. The items are all worth the cost only if you are interested. You should check their instagram, where they usually post about what’s in the box as well! 🙂


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